Empowering students to succeed in a changing world

The International School Laren is a growing International School in the middle of a beautiful environment known as Het Gooi, which is located close to Hilversum and Schiphol. When you arrive at IS Laren, the first thing we care about is to make you feel at home. Students, as well as teaching staff, are from all over the world. Those diverse backgrounds make a difference in our academic program and in our community. Welcoming diversity is one of the key factors to succeed in a changing world. 

What really matters

Arts & culture

Students will have several subjects in the arts: music lessons, performing arts and design.

Community and Service

Our approach to learning is integrating many perspectives in projects that can make a difference in society.


Students and teachers are from diverse backgrounds. Key of the IB program is that diversity is of great value in our education.

Own device

Students of IS Laren have their own device.

Risk takers

Being a risk taker is one of the 10 attributes from the IB Leaner profile.
IS Laren aims to cover all 10.