GSA Club

The GSA stands for Gender Sexuality Alliance. At the GSA we celebrate the fact that everyone is unique and special. We work to support and raise awareness around our school about the fact that some of us are different, should all be respected and treated equally. We meet every Tuesday in the yellow bus outside the service point during lunch break. Meet us there if you’re interested!

Yearbook club

The first yearbook club meeting is a fact. How lucky are we to have gifted and creative students! Teja, Aarya, Eva, Macayla, Caitlin and Kiera showed great enthusiasm and a clear view of what they want. Thanks to the help of Ms Ichim and Ms Cathrall, we are 100% sure that our first yearbook in June 2021 will be a huge success!


The International School Laren Netball Club has practice every wednesday from 15.30pm at the school field. 
The one and only ISL Netball Club for all ISL Students! Olivia, Hana and Emily have set up the netball club and all ISL students are most welcome to participate in this fun sport!

No experience needed, so feel free to reigster whether you have or have never played. Curious? Watch the following link:

Eco - Schools

ISL Guardians of Change, are you ready to go green? Ready to raise more awareness? Ready to continue where we left off? 

This year we are going to continue with our unfinished business: Greenery, Waste & Litter. We will work on how we can improve our second home, ISL. We will look at how we can make the ISL an eco-friendlier place for everyone. Time to take action! New volunteers and parents, we would be very happy to see you in the team. Tuesday 15.30 - 16.15 pm.
Please sign up via with ms. Topoglu in the cc:

We hope to see you there!

ISL Boom Whacker Club

Aariya, Teja and Caitlin would like you to join the ISL Boom Whacker Club! During club times we will play songs on boom whackers and have fun. If you do not know what boom whackers are, here is a helpful link to get an idea:  

Tuesday from 14.45h till 15:30h. If you would like to sign up or
have any questions please ask Aariya.

We hope to see you there!


Do you want to talk and think about what really matters?
Ready to see issues from a different perspective?
Can you defend your own position while working for the greater good of all? Always wanted to know how the United Nations work?
Join ISL Model United Nations!

Model United Nations (or MUN) is a worldwide network where middle and high school students from different backrounds, come together to role play the work done within the United Nations. Debating and public speaking, researching global issues, teamwork and leadership abilities are just some of the skills you will develop, and of course having fun with your fellow students from around the world!

ISL Film Club

Every Thursday, the school wing and the classroom changes into a film set. The film club started with only 6 students, but rapidly grew to 12! the movie is based on the script written by our 9-grader Gustav Lindell. 

ISL Drama Club

We are very proud to announce that ISL now has its own drama club! In these challenging times, we have the possibility to travel in our minds and hearts. Every Friday from 2.30-4pm, passionate students from the drama club come together to explore all aspects of the theatre. We will keep you posted of their activities every now and then. Please sign up with Ms. Goossens. 

ISL Newspaper

Would you like to be a journalist and start your own student ISL-newspaper?
Are you creative, curious and committed? These principles really matter at ISL and to becoming a journalist.
What are you waiting for, start by interviewing Ms. Vermeulen, Mr. Grant, Mr. Nunn, Ms. Zhou, Ms. Goossens or Ms. van Starrenburg and send your article to Mrs Mohrmann.

We shall look forward to seeing your assignment!

ISL Games Club

The games club is where we play board games, card games, or any games of your choice! You can bring your own favorite board game to play with friends, or you can play other people’s board games and have loads of fun. There will also be checkers and chess tournaments, where you can compete with other club members to earn prizes! The club will take place Thursdays during the 8th period starting from the November 26. Hope to see you then!

If you have any questions contact Matei and Robin