The International School Laren has been offering the IB Diploma Programme since September 2022. The programme is designed for students aged between 16 and 19 years. It is a unique curriculum, not based on the pattern of a single country, but is a deliberate compromise ​between the specialisation required in some national systems and the breadth of learning preferred in others. In achieving this, students who successfully complete the IB Diploma Programme demonstrate a strong commitment to learning, both in terms of their mastering of a range of subjects and in their development of skills and disciplines necessary for success in our competitive, global world. 
For more details please take a look at the DP Course Selection Handbook 2023-2025

Diploma Programme Webinar January 2023

You are kindly invited to join our live:-

-DP Webinar on Wednesday 18 January at 5pm. Click the live link to join

If you can't make this date and time, we will have a recorded version available at a later date.


To view the webinar from February 1st 2022 please click here and to view the presentation slides please click here

University entry

The IB Diploma allows entry to universities around the world. In recent years, students form the International School Hilversum have been offered places at such respected universities as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, Warwick and Durham Universities in the United Kingdom. Some US universities offer advanced credit for IB Diploma students on certain courses. All leading universities in Europe recognise the IB Diploma.

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Subject options

  • English Language and Literature (mandatory) 

Select one of the three:

  • Dutch Language and Literature (native speakers) or
  • School Supported Self-Taught Mother-tongue or


  • Dutch Language Acquisition 
  • Global Politics or
  • Economics or
  • Business Management
  • Biology or
  • Chemistry or
  • Physics or
  • Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences
  • Analysis & Approaches or
  • Application & Interpretation (standard only)
  • Film or
  • Music