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Florijn and Willemijn from Grade 10 & 8 recently came back from a charity trip to Kenya, where they provided the Tomas Barnardo Orphanage and the Hope and Shine School in Langata and Kibera (one of East Africa's largest slums) with the sports shoes and Lego that was collected by our ISL pupils.

Each year, both students try to find schools that need extra supplies, and where a little bit of support can make a huge difference. This year they brought Lego, sports shoes, and Playdough,- kindly supplied by Hasbro - these are supplies the schools simply can't afford and is not available there. Florijn and Willemijn taught the children how to construct the Lego and what to do with the Playdough. 

Florijn and Willemijn definitely demonstrated all the 10 IB Learner Profile attributes with this project! Congratulations!