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What started as a Term 2 summative project, turned into a real-life fundraising success!  All of Grade 9 worked in groups to design and create their own fundraising campaign to make a positive impact in the world.  Today, however, all of the students worked together to host the funfair!  Whilst some were taking part in the lapathon, walking, jogging and running as many laps as possible, others were jumping rope, racing in potato sacks, buying goods, overseeing balloon-pop and ring toss and smiles were seen everywhere as a community came together!  Parents, teachers, students, friends and siblings arrived to participate in this initiative to help Ukraine.  A huge shout out goes to the Grade 9 students who allowed themselves to be lead from the heart when making decisions, learnt to work together and navigated their way around or over challenges along the way.

To all the staff members who took part in the pie-in-the-face, water bucket, hair spraying, supporting and offering encouragement - thank you.  Finally, to ISL students and the wider community... without you, today would not have been such a great fundrairing event and we can't wait to find out how much we raised for the Ukrainian refugees.


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