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A huge congratulations to Aariya, Caitlin, David, Matei and Patrick for their outstanding work at Lorentz Model United Nations Arnhem (LmunA).
They were the youngest at the conference, and were eloquent, stood up for their principles, and used convincing arguments to their fellow UN members.
Caitlin went the extra mile, and won the best delegate award for the General Assembly 1!

We are so proud of our true IB learners. 

"LmunA is a three-day international conference, during which high school students from the Netherlands and abroad will engage in a simulation of the United Nations. They will represent countries and NGOs from around the world whom they will represent during LmunA. In committees, councils and assemblies they will debate relevant topics, similar to those in the United Nations.

 In line with the principles of the United Nations, delegates will engage in debates, lobbying, resolution writing demonstrating the perspective of their assigned country. By doing so, they will improve their overall skills of writing and public speaking, and they will learn about the world at large. LmunA has something to offer for newcomers and experienced delegates alike, but we pride ourselves for being a conference that caters towards the needs of those starting out in the world of MUN. LmunA has an open, friendly atmosphere, and the conference offers workshops geared towards beginning delegates to ensure confident delegates and engaged debates" Source: Click here