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Taking Action with Tulips!

Recently, our Grade 6-10 students had a visit from the Tara Bodong Foundation, an introduction to the fantastic work they do in India, to help provide young girls with an education. Our students are very excited to help raise money via the Tulip Campaign, as part of 'Service As Action' in light of the Day of the Girl Child 2022
Our students prepared gift bags of tulips, will sell them to family and friends. They will research Sustainable Development Goal Nr 4 and 5, create a poster of awareness surrounding a country where the chosen goal is ‘an issue’. On October 30th, students will present their posters to their fellow members and hand in their work, so that we can create an awareness walk in our school. 
We wish them happy selling, researching and advocating for this cause! 
For more information about the Tara Bodong Charity click here
The Tara Bodong Foundation is also hosting the Wine O’clock event in Hilversum on
Saturday 29 October, (see below) all proceeds will go to the foundation to help educate a girl.
 tulip poster 2022 final.      picture 1


Photo Impression