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Our Grade 6/7 students had a wonderful 4 days at Texel last week!

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Written by Hanna and Maxine, Grade 7

I think that we can all say that this week has been really eventful for the grade 6, 7, and Grade 10 buddies. We have had so much fun these past few days which is why we would like to share our journey as the ISL school. Starting off with maze runner, I thought that the game maze runner was a brilliant activity because not only did we learn new things and open our knowledgeable and thinker barriers, but we learnt to cooperate with our peers which we aren't always around. I am really grateful that I was able to have a part of and experience of this journey as a class. Together with my peers we have laughed but also felt sorrow, as we did feel homesick, but this is why I am dearly grateful for our teachers and 4 plussers that had been able to join us to Texel. We really couldn't have done any of this without any of their help, care, and support. Everyone enjoyed going to Texel, and I think that we can say that we reached our goal of 196 happy and grateful students.