Yearbook club

The ISL Yearbook club consist of a group of student volunteers from all grades, who help to create the ISL Yearbook that is printed and handed out to all students at the end of the school year. The club is overseen by an ISL staff member who guides the students to create and design their very own Yearbook.

ISL - Chess Club

The ISL chess club is run by two of our DP1 students who are great chess players! Regardless of your level, they will take the time to show you how to play chess, or set you up to play against your peers. Everyone from Grade 6 throught to DP1 is welcome at the Chess club every Monday!



What is MUN?

Model United Nations (or MUN) is a prestigious worldwide network and formal club where students simulate an actual United Nations conference! This means that students are tasked with solving a global issue through research, drafting, lobbying and debate to pass a suitable 'resolution.'

What skills will you learn?

Debating, public speaking, researching, taking a solution focused approach (rather than conflict) to solve problems, critical thinking, communicating, teamwork, leadership abilities, being principled, caring... and of course having fun with your fellow students from around the world!

Who will run it?

Ms Henning and Mr Santvoort

This club is open to Grade 9, 10 & DP1, and it is a commitment!
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ISL Programming Club

ISL is running its second Programmers Club! It is a Student-led club. Join us to learn Python, HTML and other languages, and using devices such as Raspberry Pi units (from the AstroPi project)


ISL Games Club

The games club is where we play board games, card games, or any games of your choice! You can bring your own favorite board game to play with friends, or you can play other people’s board games and have loads of fun. There will also be checkers and chess tournaments, where you can compete with other club members to earn prizes! 

Library club


The library club is a fun filled and exciting club where students from both Laar & Berg and ISL come together every Thursday at 2:30pm to not only read, but also promote and advertise the club. 

We have created an Instagram page and are currently reading a book called ‘The Midnight Guardians’. This book is about a boy named Col who is in a race against time, travelling to London with the help of his imaginary friends in the middle of a snowy winter. Will he save his sister before the air raid and before the midwinter King brings eternal darkness upon the world? 

This club is for you if you like reading, creativity, meeting new people and drinking hot chocolate!