​"The ISL is a welcoming and safe place to be ourselves and to express ourselves freely - Emily Grade 11 .​"

"In my opinion, ISL is a really fun and exciting school, because the teachers are really amazing and the atmosphere is fascinating. The way of teaching and the kindness of mostly everyone encourages me, and gives me inspiration" - Harini Grade 6  


"What I love about the ISL is the positive environment and the teachers are the best and are so funny. They always put a smile on my face :-) " - Hanna Grade 7 




"I love ISL because every day is an exciting adventure!" - Nivrith Grade 8


"I like ISL because of how multicultural it is. The environment of the school is very very very great!" - Dhyey Grade 8


"I love all the teachers here, who always help us learn and achieve to the best of our abilities" - Student in Grade 9


"I like the ISL because of how inclusive it is" - Nick Grade 9

"I like the people at the ISL, students and teachers. The students are all really nice and include everyone, and the teachers make the lessons fun and interesting" - Karolina Grade 10


"The ISL is a good, safe and healthy community that helped me and other students feel comfortable, allowing us to be ourselves. It's amazing to be at this school!" - Shayan Grade 10


"I like the idea of CAS, because it gives us the opportunity to explore our hobbies and interests. ISL makes this possible" - Sindiya Grade 11