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Last Week x5 ISL students visited the International School of the Hague (ISH) to participate in the Global Issues Network Day, organized by students of the ISH. The goal of the day was to empower youth to collaborate locally, regionally and globally in order to create solutions for our shared global goals. 

"It was a great success: After listening to two keynote speakers (an international crime prosecutor and a spokesman of UNICEF) we participated in several student-led workshops. This gave us a lot of ideas of changes we can make by ourselves, and also as a (school) community. One of the most inspiring workshops was a little field trip to the United Ukrainian Ballet, where we had the privilege to see a rehearsal and speak with the artistic director of the company (Rinus Sprong) as well as two of the dancers, Xenia and Marat. Their personal stories and their motto 'You can't kill the dance', made a lasting impression"