• Nieuws

“Our trip in Barcelona had incredible experiences, fun moments, intellectual experiences, and memories that will last a lifetime.

We spent three exciting days in Barcelona where we went to the Cosmo Caixa Museum to see scientific actions and animals, we did a Gaudi experience where we had 4D glasses to see the story of the famous architecture, by going around the city we saw la “Sagrada Familla”, la “Pedrera”, etc.
On this trip not only did we have fun activities but also helpful actions for the city as cleaning the beach, gardens and helping others. The beautiful Barcelona weather made us enjoy our amazing boat tour “Las Golondrinas” which was really close to the beach. We had a very nice time there: we had an amazing view of Barcelona from the water and a very bumpy ride too. We spent most of the time swimming, tanning, playing volleyball, and games on the beach since we had a few hours on the beach to spend off our time before we had our delicious dinner. We all ate delicious burgers and Spanish traditional fries with an extra drink and all of us enjoyed it so much.
On the last day, we went outside a castle to see the amazing view of Barcelona where we took a lot of pictures and enjoyed the view. At lunchtime, we had a summative to do at “ La Boqueria” which is the best market in Barcelona with amazing food. After that we went to the “Macba museum” which it as interesting works and contemporary art. We saw many different pieces of artwork and Mr Mulenga gave us a task to find a piece of art that could relate to ourselves.
We had some shopping time to buy some souvenirs from Barcelona and then we had to go to the airport to fly back to the Netherlands, thinking about the amazing trip and experiences we had with this while boarding.”

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