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We are so proud of our 12 ISL representatives who took part in the FAMUN conference at the Farell College in Amersfoort over the weekend!

Our students participated as UN representatives and have been researching various issues and topics around the theme of resolving conflict through unity and sustainable innovation.

The FAMUN is a four-day conference, during which high school students from all over the Netherlands engage in a simulation of the United Nations, representing countries and NGOs from around the world. In various committees, councils, and assemblies they will debate relevant topics and issues related to the mentioned theme. Delegates will engage in difficult debates, lobby with other students, and write their resolution from the perspective of their assigned country. By doing so, they will improve their overall skills in writing and public speaking. Most importantly, they will learn about the world at large and continue to grow as IB Learners and young people who are knowledgeable and inquisitive. 

They had alot of fun, and said it was a great experience, but they were also rather tired at the end of it!
Or perhaps these were just staged photos! Who knows?!

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