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Our students have been introduced to “Teaspoons of Change”

Teaspoons of change is a concept that aims to bring global goals into smaller, individual actions that can later make an impact on the world.
We had a discussion as to what personal actions we feel we could take and what their impacts may be, as well as whether we thought we were 'global citizens' and why. We were taught that although we may not see the direct impact of our actions, a small change can lead to big change. 
 Written by Emily, Grade 10 

The organizers are experts in Global Goals awareness and engagement, and they activate and integrate the Global Goals for Sustainable Development into the vision, purpose, culture and daily practices of individuals, education institutes, governments and businesses.  
By doing this, they make the goals fun, accessible and attainable. 
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This has helped to inspire our students to try and make a small, and hopefully a positive, difference to all those people fleeing Ukraine.

The next 2 weeks, we have some fun and exciting fundraising activates taking place to help raise money for Ukraine! Watch this space….

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