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My FAMUN experience was fantastic; although I was initially really anxious, this conference significantly helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and stage fright. And when you discover that MUN is more than just remaining formal, debating, negotiating and writing resolutions, it starts to become incredibly enjoyable. I feel more confident in myself after attending this conference, and I hope to attend many more in the future. Joining MUN was a transformative experience that provided me with opportunities for personal and academic growth.


“During the next few days, we were constantly debating our topics and issues from our country's perspectives. We were forced to come to a middle ground with people and come to a conclusion on solving the issue. And while doing this, we were learning all the jargon and procedures which involved us more in the debates.

We all did very well with many of us getting honorable mentions and one of us, Matei Lindell, getting the best delegate for his council.” 


“FAMUN was an experience definitely not to be forgotten. Over the course of four days, I got to learn formal debating and improved my investigative skills as well as critical thinking in order to think of resolutions fitting the issues which were discussed in my committee.

I also got to meet a lot of people from all around the world and listen to their perspectives on debate issues to search for common ground and differences.“


“The people, chairs, and admins were amazing and helped with everything. The fellow delegates were always open to answering questions…… It was honestly one of the best conferences I've had in my life. I was comfortable and at ease. We discussed Israel v Palestine and Ukraine v Russia.


“I got to meet new people and possibly friends for life, and despite how serious it was all of the four days were fun and chill.

Though in MUN they are no winners or losers, I felt that I won on the third day when as Kenya, I was able to colonize the United Kingdom for 42 years.

We would like to thank the Teachers, Parents, and Students involved as without any of them none of it would have happened. “