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Written by: Shreyas and Dhyey 

Our Grades 6, 7 and 8 students went on a trip to the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. Grades 6 and 7 went to an exhibit on World Religion, whereas Grade 8 went on an exhibit about World cultures and how are cultures connected. Grade 8 first discussed how cultural diversity is born and some examples such as the colonization of Indonesia by the Dutch which led to both cultures mixing. We saw an interesting costume that was based on an African deity of Axes and Thunder this costume took longer than 3 years to make. We then went to an exhibit that showed us how Dutch cultures and other world cultures mixed leading to cultural diversity. Grade 6 and 7 explored World Religions which included observing holy sculptures like Lord Ganesha, Lord Buddha and more. They also glanced over holy pieces of writing like the Quran and some more. After all of this; first Grade 8 entered the party room which had party artifacts from different places and had a discussion with the tour guide about what they miss from their country they previously lived and similar with Grades 6 and 7. This trip was very awesome and enjoyable!

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