Your Parents’ Council

Welcome back to a new school year!

Being a parent or guardian of a student at International School Laren is being part of a growing community of people who all share the same goal, helping our teenager(s) to find their place in the world. We want them to find their community at school, to feel safe and to feel seen.

We’ve experienced how wonderful and welcoming our students are to their new peers and as parents, we want to offer that same support to you.

Your Parents’ Council is a small group of parents, representing parents with students in all grades and acting as liaisons between the schools administration and our community.

Our aim is to establish a positive connection between everyone involved and make the ISL experience more fun for all.

Every grade has it’s own parents’ WhatsApp group to share information. To get access to the WA group of your students' grade, please reach out to the Grade Representatives mentioned in the weekly newsletter. 

In the weekly newsletter, published during the school year by the head of school, you’ll find an overview of activities planned, contact information and our accomplished missions. 

Would you like to get involved or do you have suggestions or questions? Please reach out!

We’re looking forward to an exciting new school year and are happy you joined us at ISL.

Representing the PC

Jacqueline Boer