​"Our students strive to be caring members of the community who demonstrate a personal commitment to service, and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment.​"

(MYP: From Principles into Practice 2014)

Service As Action (Community Service)

Service as action is an integral part of the IB programme, especially in the MYP community projects. Students take action when they apply classroom learning in day to day life. IB learners strive to be caring members of the community, demonstrating a commitment to service so that they may make a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment.

The Service As Action Programme: a 3-part process

All MYP students will be actively engaged in the following:​

  1. ​Understanding the school's commitment to Action and Service –  What is our role? How can we make a difference? Where does this begin?
  2. Involvement through service – becoming actively involved in the various communities and providing a service to them. A specific set of outcomes (per grade) are developed by the school and must be achieved by the student each year. 

  3. Service as action – the school, through it's curriculum, develops opportunities for students to take action directly from what is being learnt in the classroom.

With appropriate guidance and support, MYP students should, through their engagement with service as action: become more aware of their own strengths and areas for growth

  • undertake challenges that develop new skills

  • discuss, evaluate and plan student-initiated activities

  • persevere in action

  • work collaboratively with others

  • develop international-mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and intercultural understanding

  • consider the ethical implications of their actions.​​​​​​​ ​(MYP: From Principles into Practice 2014)​